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Happy Birthday, Ray Anderson Image

Happy Birthday, Ray Anderson

Bike riding 70 miles for his 70th birthday, to raise $70,000 for Path to Prosperity.


Ray Anderson, a Salvation Army San Bernardino Advisory Board member, is celebrating his 70th birthday! Ray's 70th birthday wish is to raise $70,000 for The Salvation Army's Path to Prosperity (PATH) program.

PATH offers housing and supportive services to homeless men, empowering them to live a healthy lifestyle during the transition from homelessness to independent living.

This Fall, Ray will be bike riding 70 kilometers to raise the full $70,000.

"Next week, I turn 70.   On one level it seems impossible!   I still think as optimistically as I did when I was 25, but a glance in the mirror quickly reminds me that those days are long behind me.   But the inevitable deterioration of my body has given way to an urgency to set a course for a legacy that lives beyond me.   For my Dad, it was joining a group called "Beyond War" when he was 80.   For me it's setting an example of perseverance when facing the brevity of life.   No matter the age, each of us can encourage and inspire others to pick up the gauntlet of change that will enable a new generation to reach for the stars with a simple act of focused giving.  

Later this year, I'm going to ride my bike 70 kilometers in celebration of 70 years for the express purpose of raising $70,000 for the Salvation Army's San Bernardino Corps. It's an honor to help them provide hope to the hopeless and transform the beleaguered community one person and one house at a time.   

This simple anniversary goal is an effort to apply what I've learned over 7 decades of trial and error; a lot more error that I'd like to admit, or even remember.   For success, in anything, is a journey of uncounted missteps.  Robert Frost's Iconic poem "The Road Not Taken" reminds us that we get to choose our path, but not the outcome.    That path is unique to each of us, fraught with challenges and failures, but always about expressing the best within us; serving others with a set of talents, skills and abilities that are as different from everyone else as our finger prints.  

For me, here and now, it's a personal effort to demonstrate that one person acting in faith can change the course of a family, neighborhood and community.  Specifically, it's to do something to unite people behind the transformation of San Bernardino.  

Realistically, I may never know the impact my chosen path made on the people, the city, or those in the world around me.  What I do know, is unconditional love shown to me by family, friends and good-hearted people I've never met, compel me to return that love to the world desperately seeking it.  And, that Frost reminds me, 'has made all the difference.'"

- Ray Anderson


Why ride?

I want to make The Salvation Army and the people we serve self-sustaining. To accomplish that we need healthy, stabilized trained men who can help rebuild homes that will provide a "path to prosperity" - Ray Anderson

To help Ray raise money for The Salvation Army, click here.